API Documentation.

Welcome to the SCADIP Football API Documentation! 

This documentation will help developers to interact with the API and easily integrate football data into any application.

Not a developer?

Give it a go! and follow our “Getting football data for non-developers in 5 mins tutorial or contact us. Well love to listen about your case and well find an expert to help you.


You’ll need an active SCADIP Football API subscription and your email registered in order to receive the required secret API key. Also, you can use your Github or Google account to register.

We offer a free subscription for you to give our Football API an unlimited test drive.

For more details about our API endpoints for a complete look at the football data, review our Endpoint information.


Our API requests require authentication: an API key that you should be kept confidential and stored securely.

We provide separate keys for testing data (free subscription) and for access a lot of more data(monthly or annual subscriptions).API keys may expire accordingly with a subscription plan.

In order to receive an API Key by email, you must subscribe to Free, Monthly or Annual plan.

API Service Status

We monitor our APIs to make sure the API is responding fast and accurately. If you are experiencing a service outage please contact us at help@scadip.com